Construction Method Statements Prepared by
chartered engineers with many years experience

The Construction Method Statement (CMS) is a key component of a planning application for basement development. It is a requirement in
the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Camden and Hammersmith & Fulham. Prepared by chartered engineers, it addresses the challenges and feasibility of building a basement beneath a property. It also explains how the construction will be completed and what effect it will have on the property, neighbours properties and the surrounding area above and below ground.

By specialising in Construction Method Statements we are able to be more efficient and cost effective than our competitors.

Once planning permission is granted we will develop the detailed engineering scheme for the entire project.


Why do I need a Construction Method Statement?

Building a basement is a major undertaking. The construction process can be disruptive and will have an effect on the ground it is built in and on the properties around it both during its construction and post completion. The CMS identifies those disruptions and impacts and details how they will be managed, mitigated or removed. It will include site soil investigations, groundwater measurements, historical studies and engineering design. Neighbours need to be assured that their property will not be damaged by the construction.

The local authority needs to be assured that the basement will be constructed in accordance with good practice and current regulations and that it will not be to the detriment of the local geology, hydrogeology or infrastructure. A CMS is mandatory for your planning application. A good CMS will boost the chances of that application being successful and will ensure a more professional development overall.

Prepared by chartered engineers with many years of experience
in designing and building basements in London.
Your CMS will include:

  • A contextual analysis of the property and site using
    historical records.
  • A soil investigation using boreholes and trial pits to determine.
    the soil profile beneath the property, the presence and nature.
    of any contamination, the level and condition of groundwater.
    The condition and construction of foundations (and neighbours foundations) will also be checked at this stage.
  • A scheme design for the basement.
  • A strategy for waterproofing the basement.
  • A proposal for how it will be built.
  • A proposal for temporary works.
  • An assessment of its impact on the local
    geology and hydrogeology.
  • A recommendation for the successful construction
    of the basement.
  • Drawings and calculations for the design and
    construction of the basement.
  • Once your CMS is complete our engineers will
    develop the full engineering detail scheme for the
    remainder of the project.

Construction Method Statements Prepared by
chartered engineers with many years experience

The members of CMS have completed many Construction Method Statements, and submitted hundreds of planning applications with a
very high success rate. We know the risks and pitfalls that can derail these kind of applications and more importantly, how to avoid them.
We are familiar and experienced with all aspects of basement construction, the technology available, how the construction should
be planned, coordinated, managed and implemented. We guarantee delivering you a very high quality scheme that can be efficiently achieved.

CMS brings together three experienced companies each specialising
in key aspects of the construction process:

Engineering: Michael Barclay Partnership
Geotechnical: Chelmer Site Investigations
Planning and Design: Urban Infill